Fire Safety Early Warning
Infrared Thermal Imaging Monitoring System For Forest Fire

Brief description of “SATIR”’s system
 Considering the numerous monitoring positions and complicated environment of the forest firefighting, the use of traditional network transmission will be useless. It is no doubt a waste of resources. Wireless network technology, with its own flexible, transmission distance, high bandwidth, subject to less environmental impact, can be widely used in the field of forest fire monitoring.
 Based on microwave radio transmission, the intelligent monitoring of forest fire early warning system is composed of the forest area control center, wireless transmission systems, as well as front-end monitoring points. The front-end monitoring points generally consist of all-weather infrared thermal camera and PTZ control system. Real-time images of each monitoring point can be transmitted to the monitoring center via a wireless transmission system, which consists of a wireless digital microwave transmitter and receiver. The wireless transmission system often is a solar-powered system, able to transfer images, PTZ control signals and alarm signals. Therefore, the monitoring center can not only get clear and smooth real-time images but also control the front-end equipment to meet the various requirements of on-site monitoring.
 his is a new generation of infrared thermal real-time network monitoring system specifically developed for the remote forest fire monitoring. It can be used in the distance to set instruments , and over-temperature alarm automatically, record fault reporting and generate daily spiders. In practical applications, each monitor of this system has its own IP address. It can not only remotely complete parameter setting and control through the network, but also display multiple monitoring points on the same screen. The system uses advanced Fuzzy algorithm for accurately and rapidly automatic temperature alarm to achieve the purpose of automatic alarming at different distances, different times, and different seasons. In addition, the system can add zone name and emergency fighting plan number on screen display and make it easier to draw action plan when finding the forest fire. This rapid and reliable system is the ideal tool for network monitoring of the forest fire.
 With this system, forest fire management center can real-time monitor the forest area, timely detect fire, and fulfill the purpose of fire prevention. When fire breaks out, the intelligent monitoring system returns live images to the command center for remote commanding and dispatching and provides effective protection, true record of the fire occurred and the whole process of disaster prevention development.
 Features of SATIR system
 1) Timely detects the forest fires and prevents the occurrence of the forest fire.
 2) Returns the infrared and CCD surveillance images to command center for administrator to schedule fire-fighting resources.
 3) Records the real situation of whole firefighting process; provides a real and effective visual information.
 4) The combination of infrared thermal imaging and long-range CCD surveillance camera will extend the monitoring distance up to 10 km. Offers timely detection and rescues to strangle the fire in bud.
 5) Equipped with wireless microwave digital network transmission to be associated with the map and reduces the dispatched difficulty. Enables the command center to keep abreast of the situation at the fire scene and coordinates the scheduling command according to the map associated information
 6) Powerful online functions such as telephoto, short-focus control, PTZ control and inspection task settings
 7) Multi-screen real-time recording, multi-screen real-time display, alarm linkage video, video query and playback, video parameters setting, remote image display, real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, video storage, time recording, alarm recording, user management, etc.
 8) Powered by solar for 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply. Energy saved and environment protected.
 Benefit Analysis Of SATIR Infrared Forest Fire Intelligent Monitoring System
 Analyze the benefit of the whole project
 The infrared forest fire intelligent monitoring system has been used by Fengjie County Forest Bureau. The system can meet the requirements of forest monitoring in our country. The intelligent system use the high technology and digital method to monitor forest, which will replace the traditional method, such as artificial ground patrol, observatory monitoring, CCD camera. These traditional methods have lots of disadvantage, such as low efficiency, narrow field of vision and little effect in forest monitoring. This system can assist forestry administration, ecological construction management and so on. Therefore, it will lead to the digital and intelligent forestry administration and significantly reduce management costs and expenses of the forestry sector and improve the effectiveness of forest businesses.
 Economic benefits
 Users can connect the system with internet and monitor forest. Besides, users can control the front-end camera to monitor forest, which can replace the traditional artificial ground patrol.
 The objective of the system is "prevention-oriented and actively fighting". The intelligent system can help people to monitor forest automatically. For this advantage, the intelligent monitoring technology will substitute artificial monitor. The early warning mechanism may decrease the damage caused by forest fires.
 Infrared forest fire intelligent monitoring system can protect the environment, thus to achieve the goal of improving environment . This system can help people to make great progress in forest fire fighting. Therefore, it will play a very important role in forest protection.

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