Automotive Inspection

  With the popularity of cars, and the rapid development of automobile maintenance technology, electronics and computer technology is also widely used in the automotive industry, which is becoming more and more sophisticated. How to make fast and accurate fault analysis about the car is an important symbol of improving the level of vehicle maintenance technology, efficiency and service awareness.  






  When the car broke down or there is a potential failure, its surface temperature will change. At this time, we can directly target the failure point with the thermal imaging technology, which will show distribution of auto parts heat. Because of the unparalleled advantage of thermal imaging camera in measuring the temperature variation of object surface, the use of thermal imaging camera can be quickly, convenient and accurate to determine the failure location which is temperature-sensitive or prone to temperature mutations. The mainly applied are as follows:  




  1 Check the ignition coil of engine (COP) ignition system.  




  2 Check the failure of cooling system and whether the car radiator is blocked or not and the thermostat temperature sensor is good or bad.  



 3 Check the performance of Air Condition and ventilation system.

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