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  Electric power is the lifeline in a national economic development, so the power equipment becomes the key transportation lifeline in this channel. The working condition quality of the power equipment directly affects the lifeline. The kinds of power equipment are various, complex and in 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. Therefore the types of faults are diverse, but most those have heating phenomenon. Thermal imaging is a new technology. It has a lot of advantages in the detection of electric power equipment running status. Thermal imaging detection of the equipment is on the basis of thermal distribution of the equipment running state. It has lots of advantages in detection, such as uninterrupted, not contact, long distance, fast, and directly.  








  Because the thermal images is the true portraiture of equipment running state and the temperature distribution, and power equipment in operation state of the heat distribution is normal or not is an important basis for judging equipment state, so use thermal imaging technology to analyze the thermal images can be accurately diagnose equipment running status and hidden defects.  










  Infrared is usually applied to the following power equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.  



  2.     high voltage electrical equipment running status detection and inside and outside the center of fault diagnosis  


  •    various conducting joint, clamp, connection and bad connection pile head oxidation corrosion defects  


  •    various high-voltage switch contacts being exposed flaws within the center  


  •    Isolating Switch blade with the contact pad and the rotating ball cap with the combination of bad defects  


  •    overheating capacitor, coupling capacitor and the short of petroleum oil poor insulation (low oil level) defects  


  •    various types of arrester moisture within the center of defects, the aging of components within the center or non-linear characteristics of mutation and the defect  


  •    generator State Test, brush and collector ring contact state detection, overheat detection within the center  


  •    Box abnormal overheating of power transformers, eddy current overheating, high and low pressure casing upper and lower ends of a bad connection  


  •    various types of motor bearing bad contact, and inside and outside the center of abnormal overheating.  




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