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SATIR attended the 17th China International Optoelectronic Exposition(CIOE)

On the CIOE2015, SATIR, as the superior national brand in the electrical and optical industry, had shown its continuous breakthrough and creativity,  and its courage, ability to become the No.1 by diversifications of the products

The 17th China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) grand opening was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in August 31, 2015. SATIR participated in the exhibition as always. 

As one of the largest infrared technology manufacturer, SATIR always promotes the healthy development and depth communication of infrared industry. The products of SATIR have overlaid every trade.

In this exhibition, SATIR has shown professional infrared application solutions which in field of vehicle-mounted, petroleum and petrochemical, forest fire prevention, electricity, construction, security and protection, electronic surveillance, environmental protection, energy conservation and medical treatment. Besides, SATIR has provided participants a chance to learn, to feel and to experience the infrared technology. In this way people could clearly understand the application solution of the infrared thermal imaging.

SATIR promoted infrared industry development. Visitors and insiders were communicating and sharing experience.

Senior executive from SATIR was being in an interview.

Oversea visitors were satisfied with what they have gained on SATIR’s exhibition stand

Photoelectricity students were benefited from listening to technical staff from SATIR

Visitors in different industries were communicating with technical staff from SATIR.

In this exhibition, SATIR has released universal infrared machine core components UPC, which could effectively push infrared industry development. All other partners were excited by that. As infrared thermal imaging technology gains more and more popularity, SATIR always promotes the quality and the technique, so that produce the world first class infrared products.

 Automotive assistance system for night safety driving brings a certain safety factor. It also brings a breakthrough technology for automobile intelligentizing.

The online monitoring system from SATIR has been long time applied to Chinese electric power system. It’s the most reliable, most useful and smartest surveillance product in China and been seen everywhere.

SATIR products are always remarkable in no matter what area. <National public security industry standards, firefighting thermal infrared imager> was based on application of SATIR HRYXJ-A.

SATIR PK-160 can integrate tablet and thermal camera technologies and access the internet via either a WI-FI connection or tablet network with matching android system. By that people could install various functional apps that make the camera be compatible with all kinds of instruments. According To Information Statistics, PK-160 is always the bestselling product in infrared market.

Whether it is entry-level or high-level, SATIR will always try their best to do really well.

SATIR is adhering to the concept “trying hard, standing out” and targeting at popularizing infrared application on a larger scale. For that, they will always keep going.

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