R&D Capability
R&D Capability
Constantly beyond their own, the guarantee of breakthrough

SATIR continue to surpass and breakthrough themselves based on solid research and development strength. With 20 years of development, we have:

Stable talent team: SATIR has employs more than 300 people in the whole world, high-level and mid- level technical personnel more than 60% among them, many industry professionals be brought together, the R&D team and its members were awarded “Guangdong Province high-tech talent” many times.

Perfect production facilities: SATIR has world-class R & D center of infrared thermal imaging, six production workshop and complete thermal imager performance test equipment, the area of plant and office building over 12,000 square meters, become the largest independent brand base of infrared thermal imaging in China .

Independent intellectual property rights: SATIR focused on the protection of intellectual property rights. Up to date, SATIR has claimed 45 patents in China, 42 international patents, 25 international and domestic trademarks and 5 software copyright.

Professional business standards: SATIR was participated in the drafting of the national standard GB/T 19870-2005 “Industrial inspection thermal imagers”, the industry standard of GA/T 635-2006 “firefighting infrared camera” and the industry standard of DLT664-200 “Application rules and regulations of infrared diagnosis for live electrical equipment”.

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